Craftsman Concrete Floors: Sales, GeoQuotes and Everything in Between 

Craftsman Concrete Floors: Sales, GeoQuotes and Everything in Between

With a team of experienced professionals, Craftsman Concrete Floors is committed to delivering innovative and eco-friendly concrete flooring services all across Texas, US.

Behind the scenes, Karen Cox plays a critical role in the sales process and strategies of the company as its Office Manager. Karen is responsible for overseeing the sales team and the sales quoting process. Recently, Karen had been struggling to optimize the sales process. 

Let us dig deeper into the situation faced by the sales team and how they managed to improve their processes by 50%.

Awaiting Optimization

The company had been using their CRM platform for managing their client data along with for project management. However, the team soon realized that a lack of integration between the two platforms was leading to what Karen termed as a “cut-and-paste” procedure of client data from their CRM platform to 

The “cut-and-paste” process, as the name suggests, was not an efficient solution. It was leading to tedious and repetitive data entry and high productivity losses.

They knew they needed a better solution to streamline their sales process and improve productivity.

Finding the Best Solution

The initial solution came in the form of GeoQuotes, a simple and easy-to-use quoting tool that integrates seamlessly with

Through GeoQuotes, Karen and her team largely managed to eliminate the constant back and forth between their CRM platform and

However, when Kathy Taheri, Eligeo’s Product Support Specialist, met with Karen, she realized there was more room for optimization. The company had been using about 48 quoting templates – a unique one for each need, Kathy helped them reduce that number of templates by more than 50%. 

“With the improvements that Kathy brought, we have seen a 50% overall improvement in our sales process within the last four months. She helped us optimize our quoting process and eliminated the need for constantly saving files from Another thing I’d like to mention is that, the solution Kathy helped us adopt has been saving me at least an hour on average, each day.” – Karen 

A Worthwhile Investment

When asked about if she would recommend GeoQuotes to others considering it, Karen said… “I think our investment in GeoQuotes was absolutely worth it! We have been saving so much time. Our salespeople are able to send out way more quotes out in a single day as compared with our previous process. It has greatly contributed to our growth as a company by reducing labour costs and improving efficiency.” 

Looking at Craftsman Concrete Floor’s successful experience with optimizing their sales process, it is fair to say that in CRM, sales or business in general, there is no one-size-fits all solution. Moreover, even when one thinks they have found the right solution, they should keep optimizing it to keep receiving consistent results.

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