Customer Relationship Management

Eligeo works with our clients to help successfully select, implement & succeed with CRM.  We work with SugarCRM, Salesforce, MS Dynamics and many others.

Marketing Automation

Your CRM is just the starting point of managing customer relationships.  Eligeo works with our clients to help them build robust marketing campaigns using industry leading marketing automation software.


Software isn’t what defines our relationship with our clients.  The definition of our relationship is built on a partnership that extends through advisory and strategic thinking to help you achieve your goals.


You’re not alone.  We’re here to help guide you to success.

Our consulting team has been working with clients just like you to help you succeed with sales and marketing software.  We offer comprehensive CRM Advisory services as well as strategy workshops to help you build a blue print for success.

CRM Strategy & Blue Print

An in-depth look at your organization is the starting point for any successful CRM implementation.  We offer a comprehensve 1-week engagement to assess your organization from a sales and marketing perspective to help you establish a blue print for your organization.

Executive & Stakeholder Meetings

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High-level objective and goal setting meetings are a critical aspect of our strategic sessions with executive and key stakeholders.

Current State Analysis

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In-depth overview of how things are working today and what challenges you are working to overcome.

Future State Development

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Development of how the future will look like and what technologies can be applied to address the goals and objectives of the organization.

Strategic Plan & Path Forward

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As part of our deliverable package, we will also include a comprehensive strategic approach along with a detailed project plan with fixed costs.

Complete Blue Print

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We deliver a complete blue print is what we deliver at the end of the engagement.  A detailed overview of how to succeed with your technology transformation from adhoc to optimized sales and marketing technology.

CRM Starter Kits

We’ve been doing this for awhile and it’s why we’ve come up with CRM Starter Kits to help organizations get started quickly with CRM or marketing automation.  Our Starter Kits are designed for organizations starting out with 10-users or up to 500-users.

Stakeholder Interviews

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With CRM Starter Kits, we spend plenty of time to make sure we get your CRM configured the way you need it setup.  Time and planning is given to make sure we get the details right with the right people.

Project Planning

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We’ll sort out the details of building a predictable project plan that can help you prepare your team for a successful transition to a new CRM system.

Configuration of your CRM

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With your requirements in hand from our workshops and interviews, we will prepare your CRM for primetime.  This includes customizing the system, optimizing it for use and testing every aspect of it.

Data Import

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The goal of making your CRM project successful is to ensure that when your users start using the CRM, everything is ready to go.  We’ll help you scrub, organize and clean up your data so that it’s ready to go into the CRM system.

Training & Go Live

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All of our CRM Starter Kits have customized training for your organization.  Each CRM implementation that we do is highly customized for our client.  We ensure that training and go live are coordinated with the launch to ensure success.

Additional Services

As a dedicated sales and marketing software consultancy, we’ve developed a number of areas of specialization that can help our clients take their business to the next level.  In addition to consulting and kits, we also have a number of additional services that are of value to clients.

CRM Audit

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If you already have a CRM, we can help you sort out any issues you may be running into.  We onboard a lot of new clients as they look to find solutions to problems their current providers are unable to help them with.  We’re happy to give a second opinion on your CRM instance.

Marketing Automation

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It’s one thing to launch a marketing automation tool, it’s another to actually create the content and workflows that go into your marketing efforts.  Eligeo can work with you to help craft your automated workflows and procure the content needed.

Custom Programming/Coding

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Eligeo’s talented team of developers can help you craft custom projects for your CRM.  Our team is highly specialized in SugarCRM for development and also has access to project manage Salesforce and MS Dynamics teams.

Custom Integrations

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If your internal or third party system doesn’t integrate into your existing system, we can help with that.  Our team has a lot of experience with developing key integrations into systems back into CRM systems such as SugarCRM, Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

Custom Training

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Many organizations already have CRM in place but find that their teams are not taking advantage of the features available to them more so because they didn’t know they existed.  We can craft custom training for your team so that can succeed with CRM.

Consultants with Experience

Eligeo’s founder, Derek Major, has nearly 20 years of experience working with clients to succeed with sales and marketing software. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eligeo focuses on our 10-point guarantee that structures our relationship with our clients so that they know they are getting quality and consistent service.

Free Consultations

Our team is standing by to have an initial discussion to discuss how our services can help you go from good to great with your sales and marketing tools.