Comparing 3 CRM’s for Non-Profit Organizations

Comparing 3 CRM's for Non-Profit Organizations

We’re excited to announce that we are launching a 3-part series comparing 3 CRM’s for Non-Profit Organizations.  We will be comparing, Zendesk and SugarCRM to show you the pro’s and con’s of each platform.  Each week we will be covering off a new specific topic around Non-Profit use of CRM.  These are going to be live and recorded webinar sessions featuring Eligeo’s President, Derek Major as well as Moiz Shaikh, Eligeo’s Business Development Manager.

What will we be covering?

  • Common use uses for Non-Profits including Donor Management, Volunteering Tracking, Email Marketing and general relationship management
  • Live demo’s of, SugarCRM and Zendesk in all three sessions

Each session will be unique as we tackle different use cases while demonstrating them in each of the CRM’s above.  You sign up for all or one of the sessions:

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!