Clear Insight — Eligeo Case Study: Magellan Luxury Hotels

Clear Insight — Eligeo Case Study: Magellan Luxury Hotels

How Magellan Luxury Hotels improved reservation rates and customer experience with Eligeo’s custom integration support.

“I find Eligeo’s expertise invaluable; it gives us someone to soundboard our ideas off rather than going in blindly. When they can give you that insight, it’s priceless.”


Customer relationship management is never a simple task. In our fast-paced, tech-reliant world, modern sales and marketing teams use customer relationship management (CRM) tools to improve the customer experience, yet, frequently, they lack the technical expertise to implement, integrate and use the technology to its fullest capabilities. That’s what happened to Magellan Luxury Hotels, who was using SugarCRM to manage their customer data and information. After realizing that they needed more proficiency to help them integrate surveys into their SugarCRM customer data, they came to Eligeo for expert guidance, so they could easily find, source and action the survey data in valuable ways.

“Thanks to Eligeo’s expertise, we were able to concentrate on our internal systems and make the right decisions about customizing and integrating the tool with other platforms.”

About Magellan Luxury Hotels

For over 20 years, Magellan Luxury Hotels has been at the forefront of the luxury hotel reservations industry. They offer their clients access to exclusive, member-only rates and hotel perks at their carefully curated list of top 4 and 5-star hotels. Their Hotel Experience Consultants need to constantly learn about the most popular hotels and destinations, and their sales and marketing teams must ensure customers know about these exceptional hotels at the right times—like when they travel for work or plan vacations, for example. With superior customer service separating them from competitors, Magellan Luxury Hotels needed to use its CRM to its fullest potential, as this would ensure only the highest level of personalized service for customers.

“Anything customer-related, we want in one spot. We chose SugarCRM for that, and anytime we have something in our POS system or Survey Monkey, it automatically pops up in the Sugar window. Eligeo did that.”

The Hurdle

Testimonial Problem

Access to the Right Deal for the Right Customer at the Right Time

For Magellan Luxury Hotels, having an agile, adaptable, and integrative CRM tool was key to ensuring they could help their customers book the hotels that they wanted. To help with this process, they decided to add surveys from Survey Monkey into their customer relationship management toolbox. This customer data would help sales teams get the right deal to the right customer at the right time. But, instead of attempting to integrate Survey Monkey with SugarCRM on their own, Magellan came to Eligeo to help with the process so they could do it properly and with useful customizations for their sales teams.

“One of the things we wanted was to see what was getting sent out and getting responded to right in SugarCRM itself. We needed the integration between the survey, customer and responses … without that integration, we would be blind to who was responding and how they were responding.”

The Solution

Testimonial Solution

Custom Views to Sync Survey Responses

Eligeo’s experts were able to first understand the goals that Magellan Luxury Hotels was trying to achieve with their surveys, and then help them set up custom views to sync the survey responses into one place on the SugarCRM customer dashboards. That way, their sales teams could stay within the SugarCRM platform and get all the new survey data in real-time. More importantly, they were able to pre-assign automatic tasks to responses, so sales agents could act on the information right away.

“When a survey response comes in, if someone responds and says that they are travelling to New York next week, a task is instantly assigned to a sales agent who can reach out to them immediately. They can talk to them about where they’re going and what they need.”

The Impact

Testimonial Impact

Increased Reservations and Better Partner Relationships

“It has an impact in terms of marketing, contract relationships with hotels and how our clients see us…getting a better sense of their needs and wants, so we can communicate better with them. We’ve also seen an increase in reservations using these survey results.”

With the new survey integration, Magellan Luxury Hotels has increased its reservation numbers. They understand concretely what their customers need and can offer relevant hotel deals to meet these needs. They also understand the hotels they work with better.

“It certainly has helped our marketing team figure out what we should be pushing in terms of hotels. We have three types of surveys that go out, including a post-stay survey. With the information we get back, we can determine whether we should promote a hotel or re-evaluate their standing on our preferred list.”

The Experience

“It’s been very interactive between the two teams and Eligeo really keeps track of the tasks.”