Association Management Software: What is it?

Association Management Software

A great management system can help your organization streamline its workflow, but knowing which kind to use for your specific business structure is key. Many e-commerce-oriented organizations do well with content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Drupal, while others require a proper CRM, like SugarCRM. However, for companies that deal with memberships or events frequently, an AMS (Association Management Software) solution is THE best choice.


What is an Association Management Software?

Association Management Software or AMS solutions are generally designed for professional and trade associations that deal with a large number of memberships and events. These types of organizations and associations include:

  • Trade & Professional Associations
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Professional Business Associations
  • Chamber of Commerce’s
  • Business Networking Groups
  • Professional Service Organizations (Rotary, Lions)
  • And more…


The Best Solution for the Membership-Focused Structures

Professional associations are built differently than traditional businesses. If you are like most organizations, you rely on memberships as a core component of your business and need precision, accuracy, and flexibility in adding, tracking, and communicating with prospective and current members.

Member database management is far more robust and focused with an AMS solution. It gives associations comprehensive oversight over every member and their status in real-time. Critical functions like automatically reminding members about membership renewals, expirations, dues, and important annual events are built into the best AMS solutions with automated workflows. You should also be able to customize these workflows for greater insights as well.


In-Depth Communication with Members

In contrast to e-commerce businesses that usually have a one-time touchpoint with a customer, associations keep in constant contact with their members and need personalized data that goes beyond a first and last name. Not only will you need to update members, donors, and other constituents to get their feedback on events and important association updates, but you also need the ability to communicate with them around the clock, either offering online assistance or portals that are specifically catered to member groups, chats, information sharing, and updates. For that reason, Eligeo’s eAMS solution for comes with built-in MailChimp integration so you can get your message across with beautiful emails within minutes.


Events Management: AMS Solutions Bring a Broader Set of Functions

Most associations and business groups host events for their members. In some cases where events play a larger role in the association’s ability to thrive, a proper Association Management Software will better serve your needs with functions for events tracking, planning, management, and automation. For example, an AMS system can accurately track membership purchases, discounts, history, and attendees, in addition to non-member attendees and purchases. This makes lead generation and tracking easier, and clearly define the metrics for both distinct yet important audiences.

For associations that have events as a key feature of their offerings, check out Eligeo’s eAMS solution. It has the ability to fully integrate events with websites, incorporating event listings, forms, and member profiles as a built-in function.


AMS Solutions Are Built for Complex Financial Management Structures

Track Membership Dues, Fees, Renewals, and Pricing Tiers

Associations do not typically have a straightforward e-commerce structure. Much of your revenue comes in the form of membership purchases and tiers, in addition to membership-only offers, discounts, and sales that require a separation of financial data from members from different tiers or from members to non-members. Moreover, renewals or repeat purchases need to be tracked in member history to determine membership loyalty, status, or anniversaries. The ideal Association Management Software must have many of these financial tracking and management procedures already built-in, so you don’t have to manually separate member financial insights from non-member financial insights.


Education / Certification Management

Many associations thrive off of their educational opportunities, certifications, and professional development offerings. AMS solutions have built-in tracking features that ensure student/member education or certification progress can be documented clearly and accurately. That way, when a student achieves a designation or certification, the system can automate certificate send-outs, congratulatory emails, or other necessary communications.

Membership-based associations and organizations use a unique business model that requires a unique digital solution. In most cases, Association Management Software is the best option for this model, because it gives your members a higher level of communication and support—something they’ll appreciate and return to you in loyalty and revenue.

Eligeo’s robust eAMS addresses all of these features and options. Check it out and request a personalized demo.