Agile approach to CRM

As 2014 draws to a close I wanted to publish one last thought on a real great breakthrough we’ve had in terms of delivery of CRM implementations.  That is of course Agile methodology.  I’ve been practicing Agile project management for a number of years but only in the last 1.5 years have we actually developed a systemic approach to delivering CRM implementations using this method.

Why do we use Agile in CRM implementations?  That question can be easily answered now and it’s simply because you, as the customer, are not entirely sure of what you’re looking for in a CRM.  We, as CRM consultants, know the products and the CRM methodology very well but ultimately every CRM implementation I have been involved with (100+) has had a number of varying factors.

Agile works to provide immediate rewards on a CRM investment but also provides a flexible model for handling changing requirements to allow it to still be on budget and on time.

In January I’m hoping to prepare a whitepaper on our approach to CRM using an Agile approach and I’ll make sure to share it with our readers.

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Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all of the best for 2015!

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