8 monday.com Apps for Sales Teams in 2022

8 monday.com apps for sales teams in 2022

The very reason CRMs exist is to fast-track the sales process and to help close deals quicker.

CRMs today, including monday.com, have hundreds of integrations that you can use to make selling easier and more efficient.   

But how many of them make selling easier?

You’re as busy as it is right now, and if there’s anything out there to make your selling easier, it’s worth checking out.   

Here are the top 8 monday.com apps for sales teams. From apps that automate mundane, everyday tasks to apps that eliminate the extra sales processes that eat up your time. (You might wonder how you ever lived without them!

monday.com for SugarCRM

Easily integrate your monday.com boards with SugarCRM Records.

The App will enable you to send updates, change status, and add information to a monday.com item from SugarCRM.

You can also send updates, change the status, and add information to the monday.com item from SugarCRM.

Price: US$1000/year


eCRM takes your monday.com account to the next level. It helps create more powerful, multifaceted boards that allow you to manage customer interactions and sales and track deals, prospects, and all interactions from a single dashboard.   

eCRM is also available as an app widget that can be used with its template folder where you can manage contacts, accounts, leads, and deals in one space. It’s even compatible with other apps such as eQuotes or eDigital Signatures.   

Price: FREE


If you sell products online or own an e-commerce-based business, then monday.com’s Shopify integration will come in handy. You can stay on top of your store’s task list by syncing all Shopify customer data on monday.com.   

By connecting Shopify to monday.com, you can track shipments, orders, and customers and get alerts for low inventory or out-of-stock items. You can practically automate your entire order processing and do much more, right inside monday.com.   

Price: CA$38 – CA$389

eDigital Signatures

eDigital Signatures for monday.com integration is remarkably easy to use. It takes the stress out of creating, tracking, and managing all your important files and works with any document type to bring the full power of DocuSign to your boards.  

It’s a tiny but powerful tool that connects DocuSign to all item views on your boards so you can quickly create a DocuSign document. You can do this from the available templates or create one from scratch from your monday.com account. It’s even compatible with eQuotes add-on.   

Price: FREE


Mailchimp’s monday.com will certainly improve how you manage your campaigns as well as lead management. You can track and manage all your campaigns within one board.  

Adding the Mailchimp integration into your workflow will allow you to sync your leads and subscribers and get all the crucial campaign performance statistics on your boards.  

Price:  CA$15 – CA$416


SMS tools such as Twilio often require CRM users to use a third-party integration tool.

Eligeo’s eTexts is just about the best of them.

eTexts instantly connects your Twillio account to your monday.com board so you can send time-stamped SMS messages to numbers in phone columns.   

Eligeo can customize eTexts to suit any work process or company by building custom templates and features for your business and more features.  

Price: FREE 


Zoom is now one of the world’s most popular video conferencing apps, given that remote meetings have become an even more important part of our lives.  

For workgroups that use monday.com to manage their projects, the ability to add a Zoom integration is almost a no-brainer.

You can simply integrate Zoom into the monday.com calendar to plan, schedule, and manage your team’s work calendar.   

Whenever your team meetings end with a ton of action items, you can now have one shared board to communicate with everyone.   

Price: CA$200 – CA$315


Slack is among the most popular messaging apps that team all over the world use to collaborate on projects.

With the monday.com integrations, team members can not only create new items, such as tasks and projects from Slack conversations but also update existing items (projects or tasks).   

The two-way sync ensures messages can be exchanged across the platforms and that team members can get direct messages when you assign tasks or project to-dos.   

Price: Slack Options

To sum it up …

If you use monday.com, you are one of the 150,000-plus users who now rely on the platform for collaboration and overall productivity.   

However, even the best platforms and softwares don’t work perfectly in isolation. One of monday.com’s best features is how it integrates with many other business tools.

You can now have all your popular tools in your favorite workspace.   

Can’t find that perfect app for your needs? Eligeo runs an end-to-end custom app development service that includes design, development, software-infrastructure design, and performance analysis for the developed app.   

Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more.