5 Tips to Effective Social Media Marketing

Everyone uses social media marketing and if you’re not, then you should.  Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook provide you with the ability to promote, share and build relationships with your customer base without you having to spend a cent.  Don’t get me wrong, traditional forms of marketing are still very important and should be used in business but for all the little extras, social media is the place to go.

Here are 5 starter points in utilizing social media.

  1. Create a buzz about a new product, service or upcoming event that you have happening.  Getting an online conversation going is quite easy and very effective for promoting your business.
  2. Share your knowledge.  As you do research about your products, services or industry share this with your friends and followers because in time they will see you as quite the expert and come to you with their questions.  How can someone know you’re brilliant at CRM if they weren’t aware you did it in the first place right?  Share and educate.
  3. Build relationships so that it isn’t all about you talking AT them.  You want people to feel that they valued and you can do that by engaging in conversations, sharing their knowledge and by having a chat in general with them.  It could be about last night’s game or a conference that you both recently attended.  People are more likely to share on your behalf if they feel valued you by directly.
  4. Take the time to manage it effectively.  Don’t expect to spend 5 minutes a day spewing out any old information because it won’t receive good acknowledgement and it probably won’t get shared.  You want to share information that will be of value to those around you and that is interesting.  Be fun, friendly yet still professional.
  5. Be accessible so that if someone hears your name, they can find you in an instant.  No one really wants to deal with the business that they can’t find or get hold of.  Alongside your website, social media allows people to find you easily because people like to have to make less effort in searching so that they can spend more time engaging in conversations.

Social media marketing is about having people talking about what you have shared.  Taking part in conversations, sharing information about upcoming events and educating people with what you know will aid your business in becoming successful as well as developing your brand.  With sharing and social media growing more each year, creating a buzz that goes viral could become the best thing you ever do.  What better advertising for business is there than everyone knowing your name!