The silver bullet to CRM success

What if I told you that there is a silver bullet to succeeding with CRM?  It’s something that eludes even the most experienced executives and managers of organizations that are adopting CRM in their business.  It’s not training.  It’s not a fancy dashboard.  It’s not artificial intelligence and it isn’t that shiny new Outlook plugin that syncs everything with a click of a button.

It’s you.  You, the executive sponsor.  You, the project champion.  You, the decision maker.  In some cases, you the owner.

If you don’t use the CRM, why would anybody else use it?  The person at the top of the ladder and the one directing the change is the one who has to demonstrate why the team must push ahead with using the new technologies that are introduced to the organization.  If you don’t do adopt it first and master it then it’s unreasonable to think anybody else would either.

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