SugarCRM has released Sugar 8 today for both cloud and on-premise customers.  This is a big update, especially for our clients that are on-premise.

Data Privacy Enhancements (GDPR)

SugarCRM has launched new data privacy and management tools for Sugar.  This is directly in response to the GDPR regulations taking effect at the end of May.  The key highlights for data privacy include the following:

  • The new Data Privacy module allows users to record and track data privacy requests and events.
  • Fields can now be designated as personally identifying information which enables them to be permanently erased and included in the record’s View Personal Info option.
  • Data Privacy Managers now have the ability to immediately and permanently erase personal information fields from their Sugar database via the Data Privacy module.
  • The View Personal Info screen shows the record’s personal information fields along with the current field value, source of the value, and date the value was set.
  • Available via Admin > System Email Settings, admins can configure whether new email addresses added to Sugar records default to opted-in or opted-out.
  • And much more.

Product Catalogue Enhancements

New dashlets to compliment the Quotes module have been added to Sugar.  This allows for easier configuration of a quote for a prospect or customer.

Advanced Workflow Enhancements

Several enhancements to the way workflow is managed and some new features have been added for logic handling of dates.

Much More

There are also tweaks to the saved reports dashlet functionality and as well more security management for handling third party API connections.

On-Premise Customers – Cloud Features

This is the first annual release for on-premise customers.  This past year Sugar made the decision to do quarterly cloud releases and annual on-premise releases.  This is the first on-premise release and it includes the already existing cloud features:

  • Improved User Interface – the new look and feel of Sugar is now available on-premise
  • Drill through Report Charts
  • Enhanced Dashboards and Reportings – plus the ability to share dashboards across users
  • Emails Module – completely revamped and ported to the new Sugar user interface
  • Quotes module – completely revamped and ported to the new Sugar user interface

The full community bulletin is listed here.