Ever since SugarCon 2016, SugarCRM has been creating a buzz about the new Customer Journey Plugin.  The plugin developed by AddOptify combined with the Sugar Platform is now officially available as the SugarCRM Customer Journey Solution!

Customer Journey

The Customer Journey Solution turns the customer journey map into a visual tool that guides customers throughout their buying journey.  It provides you with relevant tasks along the way of your customer’s journey so you can provide a more personalized customer experience.

The two unique features of this plugin are the customer indicator chart, which displays the individual customer’s stages throughout the decision journey, and an advanced customer decision workflow panel, which describes every task or action the user must complete in order to help a customer advance to the next decision stage.  If you’re new to customer journey mapping, it also includes industry-specific templates you can use to define the journey that best fits your customer base.

The Customer Journey Plugin is available for all versions of SugarCRM and you can purchase it here for $15 a month.


Source:  Now Available: The SugarCRM Customer Journey Solution


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