SugarCon 2016

There were so many awesome headlines from the 2016 SugarCon this year!  The first big announcement was that Sugar is starting to use IBM’s cloud.  The release of a new plugin mapping the customer’s journey.  And a big jump for the future with Intelligent CRM.

Every year SugarCRM holds a conference for their partners, customers, technology experts and developers.  They gather together for this 3 day event to network, share news, and hear industry insights.  Also to hear the latest and greatest for SugarCRM.  You can always expect to hear something exciting at SugarCon.  Here are some of the big announcements.


SugarCRM Utilizes IBM to offer Enhanced Security, Privacy, and Control

Now you you can now deploy your SugarCRM instance across bare metal cloud servers, dedicated off-premises clouds or private cloud environments behind the firewall.   This enhances enhances security, data isolation and performance which  is especially beneficial for financial and healthcare services that must handle data inside their network.  

Read the full Press release here.


A new Plugin: The Customer’s Journey from Addoptify

Finally, the ability to visually track each customer’s journey map!  We’ve heard talk about this for quite some time, now it’s finally here.  This plugin will automates the in business processes and maps them to a specific customer’s journey.  The plugin will have two features, a customer decision indicator chart and an advanced customer decision workflow panel.  By utilizing these features you are able to visual the customer’s experience through their entire journey and see strategic steps you need to take to help a customer advance to the next decision stage.  The Customer’s Journey plugin will be available for all sugar licenses at $15 a month.

Read the full press release here.


An Intelligent SugarCRM

Big plans for the future of CRM starting with Sugar Intelligence Service.  Sugar is currently developing Sugar Intelligent Service which uses combined external sources and customer data to provide an in depth overview of the customer.  It will also add predictive analysis capabilities to make intelligent recommendations on how to interact with the customer.  They introduced an Al-powered intelligent agent named “Candace” that guides you through step by step interactions with customers.  Recommending best actions, helping plan meetings and building deeper connections.

Read the full press release here.


Third Party ”App Throwdown” Winners

There were four categories in the “App Throwdown” this year.   Mobile and IOT, Customer Engagement, User Productivity and Customer Insight.  Along with a “Customer Favourite” of course.  And the winner’s are…

Mobile and IoT – Collab’s new Facebook bot messenger for live customer engagement.

Customer Engagement – Act-On’s marketing automation integration.

User Productivity – Epicom’s  “Slack for Sugar” that creates better experiences for customers and employees and keeps everyone on the same page.

Customer Insights – TrustSphere’s relationship analytics helps users identify hidden contacts, prospects and partners.

Community Favourite – Accusoft’s “PrizmDoc for Sugar” is a responsive HTML5 document viewer that integrates into the Sugar platform, allowing users to display dozens of document and image file types within a web browser.

Read the full press release here.

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