SugarCRM Platform

I know it can be a bit intimidating when you start using a CRM.  Especially when you’re not very familiar with how the system works.  You come across words and phrases you don’t quite understand.  I recently started using SugarCRM so I thought I’d share my first impression of the system.  Not as a developer, not as a salesman or a consultant, simply as a user.

So, from a user end side of things, here are my top 5 takeaways from first using SugarCRM.

The User Interface is great.  Easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

Coming from a company where we were using Salesforce Classic, SugarCRM has a leg up in this category.  You really don’t need much time to figure out where everything is.  All of your module tabs are on the top in the navigation bar with relevant drop down menus, along with a search bar to the right.  There is also a pre-populated help section on the dashboard with links to Sugar University and Support to reference more information.


The “out-of-the-box” SugarCRM has a lot of features, and it just might be all you need.

SugarCRM is highly customizable, but the features you get when installing it “out-of-the-box” are great.  No need to spend additional funds when the initial set up might be all you need.  It’s a great place to start and as you utilize the system more you’ll see what additional features may be beneficial.


Sugar’s customization makes for an easy experience for each user.

There are typically many different types of users within your CRM.  If you’re a Sales Consultant you probably won’t want to see the same data and information as the Marketing Coordinator.  With SugarCRM you can customize each user’s dashboard and modules to show relevant information to their specific role.  This is especially helpful when easing new users into the system so they are not intimidated by too much information.


There are a lot of options for add-ons and integrations.

There are a lot of great free and paid add-ons and integrations that work with Sugar.  Two of my favorites are Collabspot and Act-on.  Collabspot is an email application that works inside gmail.  You can track emails and access all of your essential Sugar information right from your Gmail sidebar.    Act-On is a marketing automation platform that provides everything you need to build and track your campaigns which fully integrates with SugarCRM.  Check out for more add-ons and integrations.


You can’t beat the price.

Like most CRM companies, you have the option to pick which package/edition you’d like to purchase.  A lot of the time you have to purchase a minimum of the second tier edition just to get the basic capabilities.  With SugarCRM most of the full features you would need are included in the most basic package, which is the Sugar Professional.  I also like that fact that SugarCRM offers sales, marketing, and service tools all in one single package.  You don’t need completely separate platforms for each tool.  (Take a look at SugarCRM pricing and editions here.)

 All in all, nothing but good things to say about SugarCRM.

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