There are so many FREE CRM solutions out there but where do you start?  Is there a catch to the software?  Are the companies stable?  What features and options do they offer?  There sure is a lot to think about but here is a list of CRM products that offer either free subscriptions or are entirely free.

Bitrix2412Higher end product but offers a lot of features.
CRM# of Free UsersNotes
Capsule2Not a lot of data storage, 250 contacts maximum, unlimited opportunities and cases.
FreeCRM100Only free for 1-year. Subscription options afterwards.
Insightly2Limitations on number of records, custom fields and up to 200mb storage.
Really Simple Systems2Up to 100 accounts.
StreakN/AUnlimited inboxes. 50 Shared boxes. Based on Gmail.
TealCRM51GB of storage. Free for life. Canadian company.
Zoho101GB of storage. Application limitations

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