Recently we had a customer contact us regarding the ability to receive notifications when someone has tagged you in a conversation as part of the Activity Stream inside of SugarCRM.  As part of that we were directed to a conversation over at the SugarCRM Community pages.

Activity Stream Photo

As you can see above, Arthur from our team went ahead and tagged me in this Activity stream update.  Out of the box the only way to see these notifications is through your Activity Stream Dashboard of SugarCRM.

There is no other notification at this time although we’re hopeful an enhancement is coming with the process author.

Free Add-On

In the mean time we are happy to provide a free add-on to provide you a notification inside of your CRM.  When a tag is done through the activity stream in any module you will see the following:

Sugar 7 Activity Stream Notification


The top right menu bar will now show you your notifications.  Keep in mind that due to refreshing of the Sugar 7 application notifications will pop up within 5-minutes or so from when a tag has occurred.  There isn’t anything around this but at least a notice will appear.

You can then click on the notification and see a page that looks like this:

Sugar 7 Activity Stream Notififer

This will give you the ability to see the notification note as well as a link to the related record.

Installing the Add-On

If you’re not 100% sure on how to install a module please get in touch with your Sugar Partner.  The basics are that you would download the following package:

Activity Stream Notifier for Sugar 7

  1. Once package is downloaded, as administrator go to your “Admin” section of SugarCRM.
  2. Click on “Module Loader”
  3. Upload the Package to your loader system.
  4. Click on “Install”
  5. Follow the prompts and voila, you’re ready to go.

This has been tested on Sugar 7.5.x and 7.6.x.  This should work on all versions of Sugar 7 however it is not compatible for any version of Sugar prior to 7.



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