This past week was a large milestone for Eligeo CRM Inc. as we finally took the wraps off TealCRM for small businesses in the public.  Customers can now sign up online for TealCRM at no charge for a 14-day trial to test out some of the key features that Teal delivers to small businesses all for $20 CAD per month.  Not only is TealCRM a made in Canada product but it’s also being marketed specifically towards businesses with less than 10 employees that are just simply not ready for the complexities of our other product offerings such as SugarCRM or Salesforce.  This week’s Yak is all about the budget conscious business owner and why CRM is still important to them.

Money Talks

One thing that is evident is that price is a really big concern for a lot of business owners out there.  If you have the resources and the financial capability to purchase a more sophisticated CRM then certainly do so but only do it if you have the capability to do it.
We’ve had customers in the past that spent the barebones on CRM systems such as SugarCRM and Salesforce but then expected the system to reap value of 100x the cost they spent on the implementation.  It simply doesn’t work that way.  For many of these customers there is a better solution and easier option.  At least there is today with TealCRM.
With a low budget CRM such as TealCRM you will get a lot of the features you need to operate your business but you’ll be able to do so at a fraction of the cost.  There will be a point in the future where you will need more but to get started this is the way to go.

The Big Guys: Too Many Features

We’ve done some implementations for customers in the past that simply wanted to do contact management in their system.  They really never used all of the features of SugarCRM or Salesforce and the only way I recommend going this approach is if you are looking for growth in the future, have money to spend on the system going forward and will actually use the features.
You might have heard people talk about Microsoft Office in a similar manner.  Many people really only use 10% of what Microsoft Office can actually do.

Easy to Use – It’s for small business

The other key point for small businesses looking for a CRM is a simple and easy to use CRM system.  TealCRM has been under development since April of 2014 and has had over 20 beta companies using it since March of this year.  The #1 thing we keep hearing from Teal customers is that they love how easy it is to use the system.

So which way do you go? Teal or Sugar or Salesforce?

We love having options for our customers and we now have products for all types of businesses.  TealCRM is focused on your small business customers with less than 10 users, SugarCRM is a great option for companies in the mid to large size range as is Salesforce.  A simple discussion with our team will help you determine what the best approach is for your business in selecting a CRM system.
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