Canada CRM Software Raising the Flag

Canadian Flag. Photo courtesy of archer10 (Dennis)(CC ShareALike)

It’s no secret that cloud technology is a bit of a challenge when it comes to being a small business in Canada.  Many are concerned about the privacy implications that a business has when it comes to where data is stored and how it is accessed.  We have a number of clients that have to host their CRM software on Canadian soil due to the fact that they have government contracts that stipulate that they must.

So what CRM software is really hitting home for small business in Canada?  There are a number of big players but a few that are really making inroads.

Made In Canada CRM Software does exist

There are many vendors out there that are based in Canada.  The one that rings the bell the most is Vancouver-based Maximizer.  Maximizer has been around for a number of years and is one of those vendors that has struggled moving into the cloud-era of CRM computing.  Although a great product in its time, it has fallen behind when it comes to cloud providers such as Oracle,, Microsoft and SugarCRM.  If you’re a small business owner and you’re probably hearing the term CRM all over the place.  It’s not that CRM is new, it’s just that it is readily accessible with a few clicks of a button to get started.

Another player is not as well known as the enterprise products but Calgary-based Solve360 is another Canada CRM software that exists out there.  Finally, out east you can find in Halifax,   This is a company that’s been around for awhile and has a very feature rich CRM software along with other components such as ERP.

Because I’m Canadian, should I be buying Canadian?

There are a lot of clients we work with that really believe in the patriot side of things when it comes to buying products in Canada.  At Eligeo CRM we completely endorse that notion, in fact, we end up winning a lot of consulting deals simply because we are serving from Canada, in Canada, coast to coast.

What about the products themselves though?  Well, it’s really no different than anything else in business.  If it gets the job done right, then invest the money no matter where the product is built as long as it meets your requirements.  A good example of this would be by simply taking a look around your home.  Is that a Samsung TV you’re watching?  Possibly you’re more than likely holding a Samsung or Apple branded mobile phone to make calls on (and check email of course).  Products today are built in collaboration across the world in tandem with teams ranging across different cultures and continents.  It’s just how things are today.

Where culture because a really important issue though is support and implementation.  This is where a CRM consultant can help you who is based in the same local as you.

Is Canada CRM Software a good choice?

The products mentioned within are definitely solid options.  It’s one of those things where you need to determine what your requirements are.  When looking at different providers keep in mind the following:

  1. Is it possible for the software that you purchase to be installed on Canadian soil?  ( does not offer this option, it’s hosted in the cloud in their data centres throughout the world including the United States)
  2. Can you customize the system to meet your needs?  Never let technology dictate your business process.
  3. What type of support is offered to you?  Is it overseas or can you get local support that understands the concerns of not just your staff using the system but the information of the clients/customers they are capturing info from?
All in all, get a solid plan together on what makes a good system for you.  You can be patriotic by choosing a Canadian-based software system but ultimately it comes down to if you want to have the right solution.

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