SugarCRM_IconWant an easier way to keep track of all your leads?  By setting up a Web-To-Lead form, you are able to let it do all the work for you. Customers can complete a short form which then automatically generates a new lead within your SugarCRM.  These can then be used to create accounts, contacts or opportunities meaning that’s half the work that you have to do!  

To create one go to Sugar, click on Campaigns that can be found along your menu bar and then click on Create Lead Form.  This will take you to the Lead Form Wizard.  Here you drag and drop the fields you require from the Available Fields list to the columns you would like them to be in.  There are required fields (*) so be sure to enter these as well.  Once you have completed the columns and they are in the order you require, click on Next.Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.59.38 PM
On the next page you enter your Title, Description and what you would like your Submit button to say such as Download, Enter or Process.  You are also given the option of assigning the Web-To-Lead Form to a specific user such as yourself with only certain teams having access.  This provides extra security and ensures that it doesn’t get changed by mistake. Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.45.00 PM

The Post URL is where the form will send the customer information to.  It is currently set to default to your SugarCRM so if you choose to edit this, it will no longer generate the lead for you in Sugar.  Unless you have another database that you are going to use, I suggest keeping this as it is.  After all, you want to make life easier through this process!

The Redirect URL allows you to forward your customers on to another page.  It could send them to your webpage for extra information or it could be a simple Thank You page.  I think this is a good feature to use because there are several ways it can benefit your business.  Sending them to a page detailing an extra service that may be of interest, an event that you have coming up or even a free information download that they might find useful will help them feel that they are in good hands. 

If you wish to relate this lead form to a campaign that you currently have, you are able to select one from your current campaign list.  This is a very effective way of measuring how successful a campaign has been and how many leads it has produced.  It is a requirement that this field be completed so if you do not have a campaign you wish to relate it to, you must create one for the leads to be allocated to. 

Click Generate Form.  This provides you with a preview of what your form shall look like and allows you to customize it by adding images or changing the text and layout.  Once you have made the changes and are happy with the layout, click Save Web-To-Lead Form.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.21.13 PMThis is the page that you will be lead to.  You can either download your Web-To-Lead form or copy and paste the html which is inside the box, into an existing page.  You must ensure that you save your form at this point because you will not be able to go back to this page once completed.  If you need to make changes to your Web-To-Lead form, you will need to create a new one.  

By using the Web-to-Lead forms feature your customers end up entering the information themselves and then you are able to use that information to create accounts, contacts and opportunities.  You are now able to ensure that the information is correct as well as measuring the success of a campaign.  To often does information get lost in translation so through doing it this way you eliminate the chance of losing out on that fantastic lead all because of a spelling error and you gain understanding as to what draws the customers attention.

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