In recent blogs I have detailed how to run summation reports and rows and columns reports but thought that for now, I shall touch on few other ways to filter your information that I have found whilst working my way around SugarCRM.

In my first blog I mentioned dashboards, have you configured yours yet?  Did you realize that there are separate tabs allowing you to filter exactly what information you’d like where?  You can set each tab differently so maybe have one for marketing, one for leads and one for upcoming tasks.  Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.27.59 PMIf you are the Manager of a company, you can configure it to show you each department on a different tab.  Very handy when you are trying to oversee several areas at once.

Tasks – Have you had to create a task yet?  There are two ways that you can create a task.  Via the account page or through the tasks tab along the menu bar.  Actually filling out the task details is quite straight forward but the detail that I find very useful is the status of the task.  Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.43.13 PMYou have several options such as completed or deferred which makes filtering them very easy, especially if you have them on your dashboard.  It’s nice to see what you have ahead of you, rather than all the bits behind.  You can also set the priority of the task so again, you can filter what you’d like to see.  I think this is the biggest beauty of SugarCRM, filters.  Being able to access what you really need instead of only half of it.  It really does make life so much easier!

Favourites – Had you noticed the little star beside your customers accounts?  Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 4.23.08 PM This allows you to add them to your favourites list which, as much as we know you shouldn’t have favourites in business, I think sometimes it applies.  You can add this to accounts that maybe you feel are of high importance making it easy to filter and access them all at once. 

These are just a couple of the extra ways to filter that I have found in SugarCRM rather than having to run a report each time.  They are there to assist you in your role making it quicker and easier for you to have access to what you need.  Make use of them and you’ll really see the difference!

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