A phrase that caught my eye recently was that ‘Success can be contagious’.  It most definitely can.  Did your parents ever say to you growing up that you are who your friends are?  You reflect the situations that you find around yourself so by surrounding yourself with hard driven, motivated, successful people I’m sure you will in turn find yourself demonstrating some of these qualities.  A trick to implementing this in your business is to start small.  If you develop the smaller areas of your business, the ones that are easier to manage, then you will find that the results encourage other team members to do the same.  Whether it is helping you or building on their own department, they will want to be the best they can as well.  This isn’t competition, it’s encouragement.  Making your whole team strive to be more hard driven and motivated can produce excellent results and of course, reflect well upon your business.   It’s a case of dominoes really.  Set one up right and the rest will follow.   

I have found that in the various job roles I have had over the years, the ones that I have succeeded in the most and in turn, enjoyed the most are the ones where I am surrounded by driven people.  When I haven’t had faith that I could do something, they have pushed me onwards and upwards.   It’s all about breaking it down, putting it into perspective and building up from there.

So take a look around and decide.  Are you surrounded by success?

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