MeetingsFinding it hard keeping track of which meeting happened when?  Use SugarCRM to schedule meetings, email invitees and set reminders.

In SugarCRM you go to Schedule Meeting which you’ll find along your menu bar, and complete the requested fields.  It’s all quite straight forward which is the beauty of SugarCRM.  You don’t have to be a genius to be able to maximize it’s potential!

You have several options available in the Status and Related To fields which enable you to label your meetings.  Status can be set as either planned, held or not held and Related To can be several options such as quote, project task, lead etc.  Brilliant when you want to filter your meetings so that you can plan and organize your time!

As you are filling in the details for your meeting you will have the option to set reminders.  You can set a pop up reminder for yourself and an email reminder for all invitees.  This can be set to a variety of times before from 1 minute to 1 day.  Excellent if someone needs those last minute reminders to get them jumping up out of their seat.

To add invitees to your meeting  you have two options.  Invitees 2You can add in their name where it says Add Invitees, search SugarCRM and then select the name you require or alternatively you can create an invitee.  Select whether you would like to add them as a contact or a lead and complete the fields.  Once you have inputted their information, you click create and add to complete it and then save and send the invites.  So easy when you know how!

I find it very useful being able to quickly schedule meetings as well as filtering them.  I am able to see what stage the customers are at and it also helps me assist customers when they call to speak to a member of our team.  At a quick glance, I can see where they are and when they’re due back.  I find that being able to keep a customer well informed is paramount in customer relationships and as we all know, a happy customer = a happy business!

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