Dashlets – These are the various little pieces of information that you can have on your SugarCRM dashboard.  Absolutely fantastic when all you want to see on your dashboard is what you need and what interests you.  If you are the head of several departments or just like to be organized then this is ideal because you’ll be able to personalize each tab to show you each department.  These are the kind of things that take your daily account check from 50 minutes to 5 minutes.  Easy, accessible data.

Sugar DashboardTo go to your dashboard click on the cube in the top left corner of your screen and this will show you what dashboard you have configured at the moment.  You can see that there are tabs for sales, marketing etc which can be adjusted or deleted as you wish.

I currently have on my main dashboard the Sugar news as it’s always sensible to stay up to date with what’s happening as well as my calendar and activity stream.  This means that I can see what I have completed and what I have scheduled all in one place.  Nice and simple!

Adding DashletsClick on Add Sugar Dashlets at the top right of your screen and this shall open another screen with various modules on so that you can select which items you’d like to have on your dashboard.  You also have tabs that allow you to choose charts, tools or a URL which is good if you’d like to see a Twitter feed for example.

Select the items you would like to add, close the box and then refresh your dashboard screen so that it updates and you can see your new layout.  Feels nice having the information you need right there doesn’t it?  If you wish to move the items around then it’s a simple case of drag and drop to where you’d like it.  If you find that you have 2 columns when you’d like to have 3 then you can click on the change layout button at the top right which will open a small window allowing you to choose from 1, 2 or 3 columns for your dashboard.

EditOnce you have chosen your Dashlets and decided on your layout, you can alter them by hovering over the grey title bar and clicking on edit.  Here you are able to edit its name, size and how often it refreshes.  I like the refresh feature because it allows you to choose just how frequent you’d like it to happen meaning that you are always as up to date as you wish to be.

Creating your personalized dashboard takes 5 minutes to do and can save you wasting time searching throughout the course of your day.  I highly recommend making it a top priority when learning about your new SugarCRM database as it is something that can quite often get overlooked during the learning process.  You become so used to searching for each individual piece of information that you forget you could have it all sat there waiting for you.  Bring the information to you!

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