Today I thought I’d share a few tips on creating target lists on SugarCRM.  Now usually this would be a time consuming task where you have to type everything up or copy and paste but with SugarCRM, it was quick and effortless.  I had created one within 20 minutes and was all set to go!

To start with I created a new target list using the drop down under ‘Target List’, detailing the title and description as I required.  I kept this list type to default for now but there are several options to create different types which I shall be blogging about in the near future.  Now whilst you can simply import the whole contact list from your reports, I chose to add everyone individually because I wanted to ensure that they fell under the correct group for my intended e-shots.  I then scrolled down to ‘targets’, ‘contact’ or ‘leads’ (depending on who your list is intended for) and clicked on the ‘select’ button under the action button.

Target lists From here you simply find the name of the contact you wish to add and click on their name.  In these few simple steps I had set up a new target list ready for use!  Even when adding 100 people individually it still took me less time than I had spent compiling previous lists.

Another little feature that I liked is that you have the option to update the contacts details as you go.  You can add an email address of update a company name if you needed.  It’s these simple little details that often get overlooked and then when you need to compile the information for something such as Christmas Cards, you’re having to allow another 2 hours for chasing people up for the details.  Keeping the smaller things like this up to date makes you more efficient with your time which then enables the rest of the office to be efficient.  All I can say is win win!

Keep following my blogs for more details on using SugarCRM and to discover the other options on creating target lists!

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