As detailed in my last blog there are 2 ways to populate the information on a target list.  You can either go through each of your contacts individually and add them or add them all in one go from one of your current reports.  Today I’m going to explain how to do it from a report.  It’s very simple indeed!

Report ListYou have several areas to choose from when it comes to populating your target list.  You can do it under leads, targets, contacts, users or accounts depending on what your target audience is and how you would like it to sit in your SugarCRM database.  Once you’ve chosen your ideal field, you select the action button next to it and click on ‘select from reports’.  This will take you to all the report lists that are currently set up.

Once you have found the report list that you wish to use, you will see that the name of it is highlighted in blue.  Click on this and voila, your list has been populated!

So I know what the next question is.  How do you create a report?  Come and check out my blog next time and I promise, I’ll tell you all about it!

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