This morning I was set the task of creating checklists for SugarCRM training.  I have gone through the site, made a list of all the initial things you need to know such as setting up accounts, customers, profiles, dashboards and assessed them by how long it should take you to learn them.  Sounds simple?  It was!  Have you thought of creating one to?

So my highlight of the day is……..Dashboards!  I’ve configured mine so that I can now see my daily monitoring, calendar, activity stream and all the latest news from SugarCRM.  It’s so nice seeing everything that’s happened and is due to happen in one place!  You can alter it so that you have your accounts, targets, reports or even tweets showing.  Anything you find on SugarCRM, you can have here.  I like that.  It can be tailored to suit each individual which, let’s be honest, is rather appealing when we are so used to having what we want, when we want, at our finger tips.  No more having to trawl through tons of information that’s completely irrelevant to your job role.  I love it!

That’s something else i’d like to mention. SugarCRM isn’t just for the sales people and Directors of the world.  It’s for everyone.  I am an administrator here at Eligeo so need to have a good amount of ‘behind the scenes’ information so that I can be efficient at my job. With SugarCRM I am able to have all of that.  I log on, find the information I need and make a note if there’s an update that needs doing.  No need to pester anyone and no need to waste time searching through piles of unwanted paperwork. It really does work for everyone.

I shall be back with more blogs next week but for now, have a brilliant weekend!

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