I’m the new administrator here at Eligeo and am completely new to SugarCRM. I thought I’d blog about my experience because I feel that quite often, it’s nice to go on a journey of discovery together.

After having spent several years using a variety of databases I have to say how much I love SugarCRM. It is so user friendly, easy to navigate and logical! It’s only my first week and already I have learned so much. I can create accounts, run reports and see all of my key information in one place. All things that took weeks, if not months, of training in the past. In using previous databases I found that they were tedious and very illogical. Having to press save after every piece of information added, complete time waster! On SugarCRM you simply add in all the information and hit save. It is well labelled making navigation simple and has the help button that takes you to a page relevant to the one you’re on, not a generalized page. A good note that I shall be sure to pass on!

Another fab feature of it is that you can create your own dashboards that only show the information you’re interested in and that you can have the app on your phone. Who doesn’t love having the information they need at their fingertips!

So yeah, one week in and it’s great. Miles better than any database I’ve used in the past so I would highly recommend.

Keep following to see what new tricks I discover next week!

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