It’s that time of year when conferences are happening for a lot of major vendors across the world and this upcoming week is no different with SugarCon, SugarCRM’s big annual event to showcase all that is new and great with the fastest growing CRM company in the world.  I will be representing our team from Eligeo in New York City all of next week and I’m thrilled about a number of the opportunities to meet new people and interact with others to really find ways to make CRM that much more powerful in the hands of our clients throughout North America.

During the entire week I will be doing my best to blog and tweet as much information on my first experience at SugarCon.  Although Eligeo has been consulting CRM for a number of years, this is the first year where we are an official SugarCRM partner and this makes for a lot of exciting interactions that I’m looking forward to.

Here are a few things that are really standing out for me for Sugarcon next week:

Sugar 7

This is probably a given for a lot of people.  Sugar 7 is being showcased next week and while we’ve seen the odd screenshot, this will be the first time we get an up front look at the next generation CRM application from SugarCRM which we’re being told is going to really up the playing field as far as CRM products go.  I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of the news on Sugar 7 with our customers.

Excellent Speakers

The speaker line up this year for Sugarcon is incredible and I’m really looking forward to hearing from a number of people including Paul Greenberg who is known as “the” CRM guy.  The main attraction is likely to be Terry Jones, Founder and former CEO of, current Chairman of amongst many other endeavours he’s involved with.

Tons of Vendors and Partners

There are a number of vendors speaking and participating in the conference this year including IBM, VMWare, Pardot, DocuSign and many others including other Sugar Partners from across the world.  It’s going to be exciting to connect and interact with everyone.  I would suspect that Eligeo will be making some critical connections throughout the entire conference.

And of course, New York

This will be my first time to New York City and I’m looking forward to not only the conference but experiencing a number of things that NYC has to offer.  The evening events that are planned look to be very exciting and it will just be another extension of the opportunities available to connect with others.

That’s it for now but stay tuned Monday for updates, photo’s, tweets and much more from the Big Apple.  Have a great long weekend!


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