I saw a great article today over at Computerworld UK’s website that talked about a firm ditching Microsoft CRM in favor of a highly customized system by hiring a consulting firm to help them build a system suited to their needs.  This is something that we are seeing a lot of but many businesses are trying to find the most cost effective and flexible system to allow them to do these things without breaking the bank.  This is why I love SugarCRM.

NHS Trust ditches old Microsoft CRM in favour of new, highly customized one

When it comes to SugarCRM, it is highly customizable.  You don’t need to go to the extent that the authors speak of in the article above and start from the ground up but you can build upon a solid platform like SugarCRM and achieve the same results and more.  SugarCRM is built on a LAMP stack and it is 100% open source for both community and commercial editions of the product.  This allows you to achieve the same results as building from the ground up but you’re going to get a huge community, a solid software company in SugarCRM and an educated CRM partner like Eligeo helping you out along the way.

Pricing wise, SugarCRM is extremely hard to beat.  Whether you compare to custom built systems or products like Salesforce.com, it’s hard to argue the value that you get for Sugar.  Licenses start at $420 per year for a professional subscription in comparison to other comparable products that are double the price.  Custom software will typically be anywhere to several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a solution right for you.  With SugarCRM you’re starting with an incredibly strong foundation that you only need to build on top of.

Finally, SugarCRM offers you scalability and flexibility.  As your organization grows, SugarCRM can adapt to that growth with ease.  Whether you’re a one-person home business or an enterprise customer the size of IBM, SugarCRM can work for you with a number of deployment options.  Sugar allows you to install it locally, in the cloud or through a number of private cloud options.

The bottom line is that businesses are looking for options to help them stand out from the competition.  It’s understandable that many want to avoid using many of the “boxed” products out there and would like to have the ability to tailor the system to their needs and their ways of doing things.  Sugar is quite a powerful platform to do that.

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