Check up reminder! Does your dentist do this?

We recently completed a great webcast on Email Campaigns in where we did a sample email campaign using SugarCRM.  The demonstration we did was of an email campaign that automated an email for a dental check up!  This stuff is simple and it is being used by even my dentist, who also takes advantage of text messaging amongst other things.

This is all automated using a CRM system.  If you are in the business of reminders or follow up’s, then you better have technology in place to really help drive engagement with your prospects and clients.  This is why email campaigns and work flow is incredibly essential in any business these days.

So how do you create a reminder email like this?  Well, I’ve done a quick 6-step process:

1. What is the reminder?

You need to decide what kind of reminder or email you’re going to be working with.  How about a drip marketing campaign?  This is a classic way of staying in touch with your prospects as you add them to your databases.  Let’s say you’ll do a drip marketing campaign of 2 emails with an email going out 7 days after you create the lead and then another one 30 days later.  Most drip marketing campaigns are larger than 2 emails but this will at least illustrate the example.

2. Create your templates

For each of your emails you will need to create a template.  Using SugarCRM Professional/Enterprise/Corporate/Ultimate open up your administration menu and select Workflow management.  Within this module you will need to create an Alert email template.  You can style your template or import an HTML template as needed.

3. Create your work flow definition

Using the Workflow management module you can then go and create a Workflow definition.  This first definition is for our first email after 7 days.  Here is what you input:

  1. Enter a name for the work flow, call it something like 7-Day Drip Marketing Campaign
  2. Set your execution occurs to After time elapses.
  3. Set your Target Module to the module Leads.
  4. Leave the other fields as is.

4. Add your conditions

The next step is to create a condition for when the work flow is kicked off.  Follow these steps:
  1. Click on Create.
  2. Select Field does not change for a specified amount of time.
  3. Click on the field hyperlink and select Date Modified.
  4. From the drop down menu select 1 week.
  5. Now click Save.

5. Set your Alert (Your Email!)

The next step is to associate your email that you created in Step 2 to your workflow definition.  Follow these steps to associate the template:
  1. Click on Create.
  2. Enter a Name and leave the Alert Type as email.
  3. Change your Source Type to Custom Template.
  4. From here your screen will refresh with a drop down menu to select one of your custom templates.  Simply select your 7-day template.
  5. Click Save.

6. Duplicate your work flow for 30 days

Now that you’ve created your 7-day template, you’ll need to re-create your workflow for your 30-day drip.  Simply go into your workflow created above and click on the Action button (arrow) beside the edit button.  You will see an option for Duplicate.  Click on this as it will take a copy of your previously created workflow definition above.
Now that you’ve done that all you need to do is change the condition and the template for the workflow.
That’s it!  You’re set with a 2-step drip marketing campaign.  It’s fairly easy to configure any type of reminder email campaign but keep in mind most of the work is based on the planning.  Plan, plan and plan your entire drip marketing campaign to ensure best results.
If you want more information or need some help with tailoring your marketing system for SugarCRM, make sure to give us a call.
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