CRM solutions that just work.

Eligeo helps small & medium sized businesses succeed with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation and custom software solutions.

CRM Advisory & Strategy

Working with CRM and marketing tools can be a daunting task on your own.  Our clients take advantage of our in-house CRM Advisory programs to help build out strategies, plan initiatives and build a roadmap for CRM success.

CRM Discovery & Blue Print

It’s one thing to purchase a CRM, it’s another to successfully plan, execute and maintain a CRM.  Our team is laser focused on helping you ensure that a CRM plan matches the objectives you’ve set out for your CRM implementation.

eSugar+ Bundles

Eligeo offers a number of specific bundles that are designed to help you address the most complex use cases including marketing automation, help desk and project management.  Our bundles are out-of-the-box ready for your business.

Data Migration & Integrations

Whether it’s an existing CRM, your ERP or other operational systems, we can help integrate that data back into your CRM so that you can see information across many systems.

CRM Training

Eligeo offers pre-built training courses but we also work with you to develop custom curriculum courses that are tailored to your CRM and business processes.

CRM Support

Managing a CRM is a complex endeavour and many of our clients rely on us to help them support their users, CRM improvements and on-going maintenance.

Your own server or the Cloud

When I first started out with the Internet in the 90's it really was all about finding a good web host for your website.  It also meant finding a host that could handle some of the earlier web apps of the day such as a message board or a content management system. ...

What is a marketing funnel?

Customer Relationship Management is one piece of a greater set of technologies used by businesses.  I often hear how organizations would like to integrate their marketing funnel into their CRM process.  There are so many ways to describe what a marketing funnel is...

The silver bullet to CRM success

What if I told you that there is a silver bullet to succeeding with CRM?  It's something that eludes even the most experienced executives and managers of organizations that are adopting CRM in their business.  It's not training.  It's not a fancy dashboard.  It's not...

What does working with Eligeo mean for you?

Grow your revenues

Eligeo can help you pick the right CRM to help support the growth of your business.  The right CRM will help you track more leads and engage with more prospects in a more effective way.

Increased customer satisfaction

Your CRM is the brain of your operation.  When sales is selling, your customer service teams are being prompted to follow up and provide the best customer service possible.  Your CRM also gives them access to every conversation that your organization has had with that client.

Personalized approach for your needs

Each of our clients is treated just like we would a friend.  Our approach for our clients is also tailor made for their needs to ensure that they see results quickly.  A dedicated account manager will guide you through your projects as well as any support services.

Get Started

Don’t Let the Complexities of CRM Burden You Any Longer

Eligeo works with businesses just like yours to help them succeed with their implementation.  Our senior consultants have nearly two decades of experience and can help you implement or rescue a CRM project.

“I would recommend Eligeo to everyone. Their quick response, reasonable rates and customer services are second to none! Before working with them, it was chaos. We had no contact from other suppliers and even when we did hear from them, it was full of empty promises.” Don Tetrault

Principal, TMD Adjusters

“Eligeo was accommodating to our budget, and gave a solution wherever needed. We had problems with our virtual environment being built and converted which pushed us back on deadlines. But Eligeo was able to help us meet our schedule. That’s what they do, they make things happen!” Cam Coleman

Manager, EllisDon Construction

“I always get exceptional service from all your team. Reports are created easily for me. All the changes have helped immensely in how I use Sugar daily.  Thank you so much.” Patricia

Sales Representative, Payworks

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