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Eligeo CRM helps you successfully customize and implement software solutions for your small business.  Our goal is simple: A happy customer.

You want a popular CRM. We’ve got you covered.

Eligeo CRM is partnered with leading online software companies SugarCRM, Salesforce,
TealCRM and Act-On Marketing Automation.

You need to track sales opportunities.


I really want to be able to track how many sales we are doing, what’s in the pipeline, how long it’s taking to close the deals and to really know what my sales representatives are up to.

Eligeo CRM

Helping you get setup with a CRM and tracking sales in your organization is what we’re good at it.  Tracking sales is a piece of cake with a CRM system and you can do that with SugarCRM, Salesforce or TealCRM.  Each of those products has their own pro’s and con’s on how they might suit your business.

 You want to know who your customers are.

Eligeo CRM

Have you ever wondered who exactly your customer is?  Many small businesses are not too sure of who their customers are but it can be easy when you have the right software in place.  You could consider tying in your freshly minted CRM system in with a marketing automation solution like Act-On to help identify a profile for your customers.


I really do think I know my customers but I could see the value of a system like that helping build a profile of exactly who my customer is and marketing to them in a better way.  I guess information is key to being successful!


You want to stay in touch with timely email marketing.

Your Colleague

Ok, wait a second here.  I get that we can capture all of this information through our CRM, but what can we really do with that information?  I want to be able to send emails out, track social media and really get engaged with our customers and prospects.


Eligeo CRM

Sales and marketing professionals love using tools like Act-On to help them get a handle on what’s going on with social media but even more so these tools can import your CRM data into the marketing automation suite.  By doing this you can now target emails at specific times with the right specific content for that individual.


Sometime’s custom software is the way to go

Since 2008 we have been building and creating custom software solutions for our customers.  This is the part of the job that we love since we get to create and come up with really cool and unique ideas for you.  You’re not just getting software developers but you’re getting experienced CRM consultants working on your project.  Getting Started with your own custom solution is easy and less expensive than you think.


We’ve got some incredible & awesome customers

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Eligeo CRM has served over 150 businesses of all sizes since 2008. We’ve helped them build custom software solutions, customized existing CRM systems and developed some of the best business relationships you could ever hope for. We love our customers!

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