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Your CRM systems start with generating leads from your marketing campaigns.  Eligeo CRM helps customers design marketing processes that lead to a higher close ratio.


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Managing a sales pipeline is the most traditional view of a CRM, but it can be more.  Learn how we can help you turn your sales cycles into a fraction of their former selfs.


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Once the deal is done don’t let the customer become an after thought.  Using a CRM to drive customer service on a daily basis is essential and required in today’s business world.


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The most critical piece of any organization is the proper management of their financial data. Using a modern and flexible ERP system can help you keep financial data accurate and up to date.

A Beginner's Guide to CRM

Download this free guide to giving the basics on what Customer Relationship Management is
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EllisDon The level of service that we received from the top to the bottom was professional and dedicated.  We were never made to feel like we were on the back-burner to anyone else and always felt like a top priority, even if we weren’t.  Eligeo juggled everything in a timely fashion making working with them a pleasure. Cam Coleman, Business Development Manager

Canada Cat Inc. When we hired Eligeo we were computer illiterate.  We needed to develop a cloud presence for storing data and providing a corporate internet and a step by step way to do it. James Falkener, Director

YYCHelps SugarCRM was ultimately the choice for us and we couldn’t have done it without the Eligeo team. Brian Singh, Co-Founder