Eligeo is the premier CRM software consulting company in North America.

We provide CRM software systems tailored to your business. Eligeo CRM’s services include CRM quick starters, bootcamps, consulting, training, customizations, programming and project management.


We are a specialized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultancy firm

Product certified staff based in Canada

Serving small to medium sized businesses across North America

Our Partners include SugarCRM, Salesforce, TealCRM and Act-On Software

We have been providing solutions since 2008 as CRM specialists

+1 888-276-0290

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Eligeo CRM has served over 150 businesses of all sizes since 2008. We’ve helped them build custom software solutions, customized existing CRM systems and developed some of the best business relationships you could ever hope for. We love our customers!

Our customers look to us when …

They are frustrated with their existing system when it is not performing to what was promised when it was “sold”.

They do not have a CRM and want an expert to help them deploy, customize, implement and train their staff using the right methodologies.

They have no way of tracking company history, sales of any future prospects or existing customers.

They want an integrated system that works efficiently and cost effectively.

CRM Consultants

Eligeo CRM is a team of CRM Consultants based in Calgary & Vancouver, Canada. We help our customers successfully implement CRM solutions.

CRM Software

We’re partnered with some of the most popular CRM products in the world including SugarCRM and TealCRM.



Eligeo CRM helps customers customize their CRM products to meet their needs. Whether it’s an integration, enhancement to the system, or a tweak – we can help.

CRM Training

Our team is certified on all CRM platforms that we support and customize. We can help provide your team with either pre-planned training courses or customized courses for you.


CRM Add-On's & Integrations

Eligeo CRM has built a number of add-on’s for SugarCRM & TealCRM including Visual Sales Pipeline, SQL Tools, and many more.

Custom Software

Looking for an alternative to any of the big “CRM’s”? We’ve developed a number of custom applications including TealCRM and Visual Sales Pipeline.

Eligeo Yak Blog

SugarCon 2016 Recap

There were so many awesome headlines from the 2016 SugarCon this year!  The first big announcement was that Sugar is starting to use IBM’s cloud.  The release of a new plugin mapping the customer’s journey.  And a big jump for the future...

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Current Challenges and Trends in CRM Today

SugarCRM CTO Clint Oram discusses the current challenges and trends in CRM today and how it is evolving for the future. CRMBuyer has an exclusive interview with Clint Oram, co-founder of SugarCRM, discussing the current challenges companies are facing with CRM systems...

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My First Impression of SugarCRM – Top 5 Takeaways

I know it can be a bit intimidating when you start using a CRM.  Especially when you’re not very familiar with how the system works.  You come across words and phrases you don’t quite understand.  I recently started using SugarCRM so I thought I’d share my...

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The CIO’s Role in Fixing a Broken CRM

This is a great article on handling a CRM implementation failure.  This article does mention that over 50% of implementations fail however it is a number that is a moving target overall.  When getting involved with fixing your implementation, the CIO is the key...

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Forrester Wave Report Names Top Four Social Listening Tools

Research firm points out that with new features continually being added, social listening platforms are evolving into “social relationship” ones. The four top social listening tools according to Forrester is: Synthesio, Netbase, Sprinklr and Brandwatch.  There are a...

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