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Highly customizable and impactful CRM solutions can help you take your business to the next level.

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Think Big. Start Small.

Measure & Learn By Doing.

Business software isn’t always easy.  We can help build the right plan for your company.

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Generate more leads for your business.

Marketing Automation software can help you nurture leads and enhance customer relationships.

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We know CRM and Marketing Automation. We can help.

Eligeo CRM works with clients to help them successfully implement CRM and marketing automation solutions.

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Eligeo CRM offers a number of free tools to help you get started on your CRM and Marketing Automation journey.


What our customers have to say


Cameron Coleman, Business Development Manager, EllisDon

The level of service that we received from the top to the bottom was professional and dedicated.  We were never made to feel like we were on the back burner to anyone else and always felt like a top priority, even if we weren’t. Eligeo juggled everything in a timely fashion making working with them a pleasure.

Would you recommend Eligeo?

I would for sure! It would be because of your sensitivity and understanding for the needs of the company. You were accommodating to our budget and gave a solution wherever needed.


Don Tetrault, Principal, TMD Insurance Adjusters

The highlight of working with Eligeo was without a doubt the communication. They are always available and able to help when we needed it. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eligeo.  Their response times, reasonable rates and quality of service is superb.

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How does Eligeo CRM do project management?

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that there are a number of different approaches to implementing a CRM.  Eligeo CRM deploys a very simple and highly engaged agile approach to implementing CRM.  If you’re not familiar with Agile methodologies let’s... read more

The endless possibilities of CRM

I love the business of CRM.  It really is an industry that has a life of it’s own. No matter what industry you find yourselves in there is always a product out there geared specifically for what you are trying to accomplish. I saw an article today... read more

Agile approach to CRM

As 2014 draws to a close I wanted to publish one last thought on a real great breakthrough we’ve had in terms of delivery of CRM implementations.  That is of course Agile methodology.  I’ve been practicing Agile project management for a number of years but... read more
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